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F20 AT Motors, VFDs, Gearboxes & Conveyo

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electrical power and controls engineering design and implementation services

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

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Commercial and Industrial Electrical and Control Systems Engineering, Design, Procurement, Installation Support, and Commissioning


Core Values


Energizing a Sustainable World


Make the World a Better Place to Live

Ultimately, our goal is to give clients the biggest bang for their buck while maintaining the advantages of a small and nimble operation.
Compensation can be based on performance, if required.


or being true to ourselves authentically, is the foundation for power and effectiveness. It is a continuing commitment, a way of being and acting that shape who we are. Integrity resides in the ability to constitute yourself as your word, to be true to your principles, and ultimately, be true to yourself. Being and acting in integrity is what clients expect and deserve. High integrity results in high performance.


requires the willingness to suspend easy answers and quick solutions-to step beyond the familiar and known into uncharted territory where there are no guideposts and the outcome is uncertain. Creativity and innovation are about risk to step beyond what is for what could be. Standard solutions can be implemented if adequate and cost effective, otherwise creative solutions are necessary.


is the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, loss, or injury. Safety is also the control of recognized hazards to achieve an acceptable level of risk.


is when an individual or team guides, influences, directs, or is a positive example to inspire others into action. Leaders create an inspiring vision of the future and motivate and empower others to turn the vision into reality. Training, a positive can-do attitude and inspiration empower others to perform.


 is the capacity of systems or processes to endure over the long-term without compromising the ability of future living organisms, including humans, to meet their needs. Efficiency improvements, healthy relationships and embracing change are sustainable.


is addressing client needs efficiently and effectively with integrity, accountability, due diligence, perseverance to an end goal, years of experience and discipline to achieve a desired outcome.


is based on the stands we take for who we are and what is possible. Ordinarily, we learn a little bit, then learn a bit more, then more, and finally we know enough. When standing for and coming from a new possibility, life, including solving problems and making improvements, can be seen from a different perspective, resulting in innovative solutions.


is a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone, something, or a process. Quality is also the degree of excellence of something. The degree of excellence (such as level of design detail) is set at the beginning of a task or project and is held throughout the task or project execution to ensure the task or project is completed effectively and efficiently.

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